The sun rises in Java

©Nathalie Bertrams_Greenpeace Ciptagelar school now equipped with solar PV system

©Nathalie Bertrams_Greenpeace Ciptagelar school now equipped with solar PV system

Dirty industrialization or green electricity? Populous emerging countries are facing this important decision. In cooperation with Greenpeace, an indigenous community in the jungle of Indonesia demonstrates how sustainable modernisation is possible.

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The Energy Union – A chance for 100% RE?


Can the Energy Union offer a chance for 100% Renewable Energy (RE) in Europe? The ‘Energy Union with a forward looking climate policy’ has the goal to supply EU consumers with secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy. However, it is uncertain what the Energy Union means in practice and there still remains a huge gap between official claims and reality. So how should the Energy Union be designed in order to promote 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency? …continue reading →

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German government buckles under fossil fuel industry pressure

Sigmar Gabriel: Source

Sigmar Gabriel: Source

Today, news not related to the Greek referendum made it into the German headlines. News with outrageous content: The German government decided that profits of Germany’s dirtiest coal companies are more important than the people and more important than climate change risks. Chancellor Merkel and Minister for Economics and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel agreed to drop the plan for a coal levy that had been discussed for months. Instead, they agreed to compensate (!) coal companies like RWE for lignite power plants that will go off-grid. More precisely, potential loss of profits from old coal-fired plants with a capacity of up to 2.7 Gigawatts that will have to go offline will be compensated with tax payers money. …continue reading →

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