100% Renewable Energy – the only option for a common future

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We are on the verge of a profound and urgently necessary shift in the way we produce and consume energy. This shift moves the world away from the consumption of fossil resources that cause climate change toward cleaner, and more renewable forms of energy. Since 2013, the world is adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. …continue reading →

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Who’s Afraid of the New Urban Agenda?


With 18 months to go until Habitat III – the Third UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – country delegates gathered last week and this at the UN in Nairobi to deliberate and state their positions on the new urban agenda. This conference takes place once every 20 (!) years and in order to understand its significance, let’s take a quick look back at what happened at the last one – and what’s happened since then.
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San Diego to go 100% renewable by 2035


The City of San Diego, California set in 2014 the clear target of achieving “100% renewable energy on the city-wide electrical grid by 2035.” The target is part of a more comprehensive Climate Action Plan launched by Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer last September, which includes other objectives such as an increase in water and energy efficiency in buildings, intensification of public transport, growth of the number of electric vehicles, promotion of walking and cycling routes, zero-waste strategies and climate adaptation measures.

But what policy could allow this 100% vision to become a reality?

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