Local energy brings greater democracy in Poland

Westmill-energy-farm-coop-017[Photograph Credits: Adrian Arbib /Alamy]

Poland is clearly far from being a leader on climate action – it still uses coal to generate nearly 90 per cent of its electricity. However, below the doom and gloom headlines there are glimmers of hope that reveal a burgeoning will to join the global transition towards a clean energy future. Indeed, a growing sector of the population is increasingly seeing community energy as a means to a more democratic future.

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Renewable Cities: the place for energy innovation

Solar Decathlon 2011(Credit: Stefano Paltera/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon)

Cities are taking a major leadership position on climate via their actions on local energy. They’re also managing energy demand and powering up wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass for a plethora of other reasons too: economic development, job creation, environmental quality, energy security, and safety. What’s more, there’s a movement afoot in leading cities for 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency, a movement that you can play a role in.

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UK community energy scene exploding with creativity


Press headlines scream on an almost daily basis the UK’s opposition to solar farms and wind turbines, but on the ground, “there is a huge amount of creativity and engagement” surrounding renewables, says Friends of the Earth campaigner Alasdair Cameron – no relation to the UK Prime Minister. This is particularly true of community energy, and even his namesake David may be more supportive than he lets on, with his government this week announcing a £10 million (€12.6 million) scheme to support community renewables projects.

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