Modern day Gauls lead 100% renewable energy quest

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Brittany has had its fair share of heroes, not least the fearsome duo Asterix and Obelix and their fight against the imperial powers of Rome. Philippe Saultier would be the last person to compare himself to the indomitable pair, but he, with a group of strong-minded modern day Gauls, is leading a twenty-first century quest, not to defeat the Romans, but to defeat out-dated French legislation and to bring renewable energy to les Bretons.

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No fossil, no nuclear fuels for Slovenia after 2050



The national Slovenian parliament has announced to publically disclose the views and opinions of a variety of Slovenian stakeholders and members of Parliament regarding the future Energy strategy for Slovenia until 2030/2050.  The Slovenski E-forum, a NGO based in Slovenia concerned with energy policies, will present a vision for an energy self-sufficient Slovenia which will comprise a 100% renewable energy target for 2050. …continue reading →

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We are still waiting for 100% Renewable Energy


While delegates are negotiating until late hours in Lima, we already know that the past two weeks signal an important shift in fighting climate change: For the first time in 20 years of climate negotiations, governments at the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru seriously discussed the need to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The phase out of fossil fuel emissions by mid-century was an idea that gained support from over 100 countries. …continue reading →

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