Food Security in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

School Feeding

This is the fifth in a six-part series featuring case studies that illustrate what regenerative urban development looks like in practice.

The city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil has made significant advances in securing food for its 2.5 million inhabitants, thanks to its comprehensive policy framework for food sovereignty, which won the Future Policy Award 2009 of the World Future Council.

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We heart ownership

Matt Mellen, Campaign Director of Trillion Fund, explains how community ownership of renewable energy projects allows people to consolidate their position, get a better deal and build up resilience to future shocks.

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Contemporary capitalism has resulted in a concentration of wealth and power at the top of multi-national corporations and in the hands of a few ultra-influential individuals. Today, decisions about the fundamentals of how we live, eat and power our homes are often made in boardrooms many miles from where we live – quite possibly in another country.   [Read more →]

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The Future of Gulf Cities

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An expert hearing on regenerative urban development in the Gulf taking place in Dubai? Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? Well, 45 international participants from politics, practitioners, academia, business and civil society concluded after three days of intense discussion: there is no better place to discuss the future of Gulf cities than Dubai.

This city shows us both what can be done and what must be done. Its growth from a small trading port on the edge of the desert to a global city in just a few decades shows the power of visionary leadership. [Read more →]

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