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It is often overlooked—or conveniently forgotten—that the early industrial revolution was powered 100% by renewable energy. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that fossil fuels began to overtake renewable energy in industrial economies around the world.


Today there are communities around the world celebrating their recent transition to 100% renewable energy (RE) in electricity supply. A growing global movement among local and regional governments is proving that meeting 100% of our energy demand with renewable energy is viable. [Read more →]

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It’s the policy, stupid…

Did you know that during the first quarter of 2013, Portugal generated three-quarters of its electricity with renewable energy? And that in Germany not only one-fifth of all electricity was generated with renewables but also most of that came from wind and solar?

Last week, US renewable energy expert Paul Gipe published a very important analysis of the penetration of renewable energy into the electricity supply mix in 10 countries. It shows that there are already today some countries in Europe generating 100% of their electricity with renewable energy. [Read more →]

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The ownership revolution that Britain needs

IMG_8866I’m standing on the beach at Hvide Sande, in the northern reaches of Denmark, on a cold October morning. Strong gusts of wind pick up sand and throw it straight at my face. It’s not a good day for a picnic. But it’s a great day for the three wind turbines on the edge of this fishing village. And for their owners, the local community, who are using the income to fund a new harbour for their fishing fleet. I ask the chairman of the project whether they had had any opposition to the development. Yes, he says, one person complained. Just the one. [Read more →]

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