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Cities, communities and regions across the world commit to 100% Renewable Energy

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What do Šentrupert in Slovenia, Steinfurt district in Germany, the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan and East Hampton in the US have in common? There’s a chance to find out in Kassel, Germany today! The world`s biggest congress for 100% Renewable Energy Regions presents different strategies on how to achieve 100% Renewable Energy. Many cities, regions and communities demonstrate that supplying 100% of our total energy needs with renewable sources is technically and financially achievable, and can bring a wide range of benefits to citizens, businesses, local economies, governments and the environment alike. [Read more →]

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The Feed-in Tariff is better than is commonly understood

Renewable Energy in the German 100% RE region Trier

Renewable Energy in the German 100% RE region Trier

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) has proven to be the most successful policy for climate protection and sustainable development. As the cornerstone of overwhelming renewable energy development worldwide, it has resulted in significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, green jobs, revenues for governments and citizens and cost-competitive alternatives to harmful fossil fuels. Despite all that, the FiT is currently under attack. This is especially so in frontrunner country Germany, where the government has approved the phase out of the FiT through recent reform. But the Feed-in Tariff is a better policy than is commonly understood. [Read more →]

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‘A Quarter for Everyone’: Social Inclusion and Participation in Hamburg-Altona


The ‘A Quarter for Everyone’ Forum in progress

This is the second in a six-part series featuring case studies that illustrate what regenerative urban development looks like in practice.

The socially inclusive and participatory approach in Hamburg-Altona is a good example of the kind of planning process that enables cities to develop in a regenerative way. The old freight yard in Altona is the object of a planning process in Hamburg, Germany, with the emerging quarter of Altona Centre projected to eventually contain 3,500 flats. [Read more →]

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