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It is often overlooked—or conveniently forgotten—that the early industrial revolution was powered 100% by renewable energy. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that fossil fuels began to overtake renewable energy in industrial economies around the world.


Today there are communities around the world celebrating their recent transition to 100% renewable energy (RE) in electricity supply. A growing global movement among local and regional governments is proving that meeting 100% of our energy demand with renewable energy is viable. [Read more →]

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Hamburg citizens vote to buy back energy grid

© dpa Photographer: Axel Heimken

© dpa Photographer: Axel Heimken

Last Sunday, citizens in Hamburg, Germany’s second biggest city, not only re-elected Angela Merkel as chancellor but also gave their electoral mandate to the city authority to buy back the energy grid in their Hanseatic city. Why? Because they concluded that the private sector cannot be trusted with public services – and that community ownership and participatory governance is the way to go. [Read more →]

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Engaging platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue


Simply providing information is not enough in designing the roadmap and reaching the goal of a regenerative city. We need to inspire change by enhancing policy dialogue and capacity building for agents of urban change.

To facilitate this, the World Future Council’s annual Future of Cities Forum brings together 150 international agents of urban change to discuss the visions, strategies and pathways for the future of our cities. It gives participants the opportunity to showcase best practices and gain inspiration, encouragement, capacity building and a sense of empowerment which enable them to undertake the necessary actions in their constituencies

The next Future of Cities Forum takes place in Hamburg, Germany on September 4th – 7th. For more information please visit www.futureofcitiesforum.com. Follow @Good_Policies #FutureofCities on Twitter.

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