Urban development no threat to rural areas: in support of national urban policy frameworks


Overlooking the city of Medellín, Colombia, host of the WUF 7.

“Urban policy made by the national government can create some problems for cities,” began Mussa Natty, the Municipal Director of Kinondoni, the largest municipality of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Providing the local perspective in our panel discussion on Regenerative Cities and Communities at UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum last week, Mussa was referring to the disconnect that, in the absence of multi-level dialogue, can occur between policymaking by national governments and implementation by local governments. [Read more →]

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Vauban: District of the 21st century


District Vauban in Freiburg, Germany
Source: ADEUPa Brest

A barracks as a forerunner in terms of urban development and sustainable living? What sounds like a mismatch is today the home of more than 5,000 citizens of Freiburg, Germany in a district called Vauban.

When the French troops left after the Cold War in the beginning of the 1990s the city of Freiburg saw a great opportunity to meet the rising demand for housing space and decided to develop a new district in this area.

Extended civic participation – giving power to the people

With this urban development aspiration of the municipal government, some citizens felt that the time had come to implement their dream of a livable and eco-just district. For this purpose they founded the association Forum Vauban in 1994.

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Cities leading the way in climate protection and resource regeneration

CoP19 in Warsaw

UN climate change negotiation (COP 19) in Warsaw

This is the nineteenth year of UN climate change negotiations. But even 19 years has proved not long enough for national governments to agree on, and implement, measures that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions sufficiently to keep the world beneath the dangerous 2°C threshold.

Meanwhile, cities and local authorities across the globe are taking the lead in climate mitigation in the face of inaction at the national and international level. [Read more →]

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